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Many of us feel resigned acceptance about living with pain. But, it doesn’t need to be that way. Our bodies are amazingly adaptable and resilient, and this is both a magnificent strength and the source of persistent problems.


After all, systems in our lives and our bodies work really well right up to the moment that they don’t. Right?


Here’s a truth: You can become your own best healer.

Here’s another truth: You can begin to feel better right now, and progress very quickly.


I would like to work one-on-one with you to discover what’s possible.

I can help you:

  • Reduce your chronic pain or discomfort

  • Increase your stamina, strength, and stability

  • Live more fully with chronic illness

  • Sleep better

  • Find more ease with anxiety, depression, or grief

  • On your journey of Recovery from dependency

  • Recover from injury, illness, or medical trauma

  • Move with greater comfort and fewer limitations

  • Find clarity and contentment

“Lory's knowledge of anatomy, from minuscule motions and connections to the coordination of large muscle groups has helped me understand my own body in a new way.”


Here's how individual yoga therapy works:

  1. We meet for a (free) 30-minute assessment. Do you like my approach to guiding you toward feeling better? Are you a match for the way I work? If so, onward!

  2. We meet privately for one hour 8 times over three months, working together on goals you have set. For the first four weeks we meet once a week, then every other week for the following eight weeks.

  3. In between visits, you will work on mutually agreed upon, manageable activities. These may include movement, breath, or awareness exercises.

  4. We regularly check-in about what’s working, adapting goals, or adding additional supports. I’m always available between visits for questions or clarifications.

  5. After three months, we have an assessment and make a plan for continuing to work together or you going forward solo. Time to leap, Grasshopper!

Yoga Therapy Fees:

  1. My rate is $125 per session. ($1,000 for three months.)

  2. For my regular yoga students, I offer a loyalty discount. My Loyalty Rate is $90 per hour. That’s $720 for three months.

  3. I also offer two Karma Sessions per month. These are free, one-time, 60-minute sessions. You may nab one for yourself or offer a Karma slot to someone else. Just drop me an email requesting one of the slots.

I work with only 6 clients at a time. I have rolling openings throughout the year, which I announce through my mailing list. If you’d like to get those notifications, sign up here.

Contact me here if you would like to schedule an initial assessment, and we’ll move forward from there. If I am unavailable when you are ready, I can refer you to another yoga therapist or let you know when I anticipate having an opening (usually within 6 weeks).


Tiny Group Yoga Therapy

I also offer Tiny Group Yoga Therapy classes. These classes are an opportunity to experience the benefits of therapeutic yoga in a customized, group setting over 5 weeks. Participants provide me with information about chronic pain or persistent concerns before the 5-class series begins. Throughout the program, we explore functional movement as a means of reducing pain and establishing new, healthful movement patterns.


Tiny group yoga therapy classes are suitable for people without any yoga experience, as well as those with a regular practice. Comfort in a group class, and access to basic yoga props, are the only pre-requisites.


  1. Class limit of 4 people (highly personalized!)

  2. Thursday mornings, 9 – 10:15 am - 75 minute therapeutic classes.

  3. Offered as a 5-class series; participants must enroll in the entire series. No drop-ins, no make-ups.

  4. $30 per class/$150 for 5-week program.

  5. By pre-registration only.

I offer these 5-week series throughout the year, and share those dates with people on my mailing list as well as posting them here. To keep up to date on all class offerings, please join the mailing list.


Whatever age we are, and in whatever physical condition, our bodies are testaments to the lives we’ve lived. Time and experience have locked us into thought, belief, and movement patterns that are the (sometimes unconscious) foundations of our lives. While these patterns have served us well, over time they often also lead to unnecessary suffering.


That can change. Our minds can change, and so can our bodies.


Ask yourself: When does aging begin and growing end? 

Ask yourself: Can aging be generative?

Ask yourself: Is suffering inevitable?


I know that when we feel better in our bodies, we can live our lives more fully. As a yoga therapist, and a human being, I am passionate about helping people do just that. I can’t “fix” you (you aren’t a problem), but together you and I can help you feel a lot better – and pretty quickly, too. My goal is for you to become your own best healer.

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