Healing & Connection: 5DAYS OF YIN

Monday - Friday, October 11 - 15 2021

5 - 6 PM (EST), Daily


Would you like to discover a new level of communion with your total self? If that sounds appealing, here’s a low-risk, high-reward opportunity. With just 5 hours of accessible and gentle Yin Yoga, paced over 5 welcoming evenings (one hour per day), this can be yours! Yin nurtures the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, and is a wonderful part of a balanced wellness regimen. What happens in our thoughts and feelings if we commit to a one-hour Yin practice every day for five days? Let's find out, together.

I will guide you every step of the way.


This is a 5-day program. You may participate in as many or few days as your schedule allows.

No previous yoga experience is needed for participation in this workshop.


You will need: a mat, bolsters and pillows (3-4), blankets (3-4), and a quiet, undisturbed location.

"I have arthritis in my knee along with some other joints and Lory's intuitive way of assessing my situation has enabled us to identify movements that have begun to increase my ability to heal.  When we complete our sessions, both my mind and body feel relaxed and open to healing and taking on the rest of the day.  Her attention to detail in observing my movements has allowed me to learn and focus on breathing and other movements in a way that I was unaware of." - AH

With questions, contact Lory directly here.