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Your Yoga, Your Way

All people go through times of ease and stress, and yoga is a practical and accessible tool that can help us navigate the ebb and flow of our lives with increased self-knowledge, less stress, and greater confidence. Yoga is about our relationship with our self.


Everyone can do (and love) yoga. Yoga is not about pretzel-like poses, chanting, or spandex – though some practitioners take delight in all of these. Yoga is about developing authentic self-awareness about what we think and believe, how that leads us to act, and, maybe most importantly, how we feel. Through movement, stillness, breath, and curiosity yoga helps cultivate a quiet and generous mind. This feels good, and is the basis of the sense of well-being yoga promises us all.


Your job? Show up. Be kind to yourself. If possible, leave judgments at the door and bring curiosity to your mat. That’s a tall order, I know. But, together, we can get there.


I work with students with a full range of experience, ability, and mobility, and provide modifications throughout class to ensure that each practice supports students’ goals and needs.


My group classes are 60-90 minutes long, taught in room-temperature settings. The type and length of each class is listed with the class description on the booking page.


Styles of Yoga that I teach include: Beginners, Chair, Elders, Hatha, Meditation, Pranyama, Restorative, Slow Flow, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin.

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“When we complete our sessions, both my mind and body feel relaxed and open to healing and taking on the rest of the day.” 

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